PPP Brief

The info below is from a the original Errand Brief for myself to work from.

Errand Boy Video Brief


February 2013

Billy, as discussed,


We would like you to come up with and produce, from start to finish, a comedic, viral video for our new venture Errand Boy. You are welcome to, if not advised to work in a team, including as much help you need from my business partner Michael, whom you have already been emailing.




The short must be filled with great reactions. The footage must flow, yet be alive, it must connect with everyday life and people. We need to capture everyday, real, unexpected reactions.



2 – 5 minutes,


With the ability to cut down to an ordinary advert style piece.



Online and social



– Premise is to be set around a wedding day going horribly wrong. Groom forgets wedding dress, best man forgets/loses wedding ring etc. (story is open to ideas, as long as it applicable)


– Errand Boy Logo must be present, animated or on members of staff clothing, moped etc.


– An ending animation, explaining the service, possible cost, website, contact etc.


– The film should not hurt any religious sentiments, people of any colour, caste, or creed.



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