Errand Boy Workings

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After the original brief as given to us, I started a creative relationship with Michael Dale (there will be a follow up blog on exactly who and what he does). We ended up emailing ideas constantly between ourselves and my Cousin Henry (business partners)…

Outlook  errand boy


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students.leeds ERRAND BOY EMAILS


After quite a bit of chat and discussion we ended up cutting down the intended run length and going for something shorter and punchier. This was down to a few factors, one of them being time frames and project scale. It became apparent very soon that by myself , on top of FMP and my dissertation that there was not enough time to make a full fledged 3-5 min video; especially one they would be happy with.

After talking to Danny we decided to make it into a Klunk Project. He hadn’t found anything appropriate and I was a bit of wits end with finding some middle ground with the Errand Boys. With Danny on board we had another video chat with Michael and managed to get ideologies across into what could be represented by animation. I felt a bit safer with Danny onboard and also knew that we could have some thing respectable over to them by the deadline.


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