Errand Boy Animation

After few more emails and another long but productive video chat with Michael gave Danny and I gave a bigger insight into what exactly the Errand Boys wanted. The scribbles below are what notes I took during our meeting. later that evening we were working on some music and wine got knocked over them  😦  Can you decipher the Klunk code?..?

IMG_1253 IMG_1252 IMG_1251

Good job I typed most importnat of it up. After the original note, the document develops into our thought processes  and means of construction etc…

30 Second Animation – Errand Boy


A guy (symbol representing guy) as the main character; listed scenarios that clutter his day – Has to/Got to/Want to –


Something beautiful & honest


When your pleasing someone, your doing their thinking for them


Errand boy is not a service that lets people think less


Creating more space for people so that have more time to get on with what they used to do, live life and prosper.


Support and help, let people get on with their lives.


Letting people know that fucking up the end of the world – not shaming.


Giving people more time to be conscious  – creating more space for life


Space for the Wu to enter


Creating a window to be productive – giving richer life


All energies welcome


Life is changing all the time


Not putting down or shaming the person without the time to get stuff done..


Emphasizing that they’re here to help… Not being bullied into the service


Errand boy is the eye in the storm


We love you, know what you’re going through, we wanna help.


Fuck up’s happen to everyone, we wanna help out. Its ok to get help.



A guys wife leave him for the weekend with 2 kids. He’s been left with a massive to-do list. He’s flustered, and sweaty.


Even though he has kids and things to do the wife being away leaves potential for fun. i.e getting the lads round.


– Pick up the wifes dry cleaning

– Drop off bike

– Can’t get to the laundrette

– Can’t pick up pug from the dog salon

BUNNY – happy bunny & sad bunny – We could have a bunny meter in the top right of the screen. The Bunny’s face changes expression depending on the mood



A dude is walking through the park. He is walking his dog/rabbit (?). Its is a fine day. The sun is shining and everything is irie.


When a girl rides past on a bike it reminds him of an errand that he’s been putting off.


As his mood sinks bit by bit, the weather starts to get worse; the deeper his mood sinks, the gloomier the scene becomes.


He has plenty of other more important things to do. This gets him going. He starts thinking of the other pressing matters.


Go to the laundrette, pick up the dog food, order the tickets for his daughter etc.


This opens up a web of shit. Why is he is purchasing the tickets? Because its his daughters birthday…That means a cake too. Oh shit that means a present, what does she even like anymore?


Jobs begin to pop up around him, swirling round until they become a tornado spinning around him, its get faster and faster as more to-do’s and life issues swamp him.


Suddenly his nice day in the park has become a miserable, gloomy experience.

He is left lying on the floor, overwhelmed and confused. Hes been obliterated by everything he has to do.


Errand Boy come over and helps him from the ground. He gives him his hand, helping him up. As he stands up the weather converts back to its happy, sunny state.


The issues are no spinning around him, but in slo-mo. Errand boy stands with him and erases them out the sky by simply pointing at them.


Errand boy lets him know thats its ok, hes only human, that Its ok to ask for help.


All of his worries and chores, disappear, he is left with one he can actually do.


Errand boy bids him farewell and leaves him to walk the dog in the glorious sunshine. He is now a happy bunny.



Using a mixture of 2D and 3D assets made in Cinema 4D and Illustrator.

Production assets




Errand Boy






Weather assets?




Tufts of grass




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