Critical feedback



I wasn’t too happy with the feedback I got back, not that it was bad, it just wasn’t too useful. I had written on a document and let people know that I wanted feedback on the contents not the production, as final sound work, colour correction and final editorial nudges were to be completed for final hand in, as that’s when it could be done by people who know how.

The feedback I was looking for was what I could cut, and I did get some that by the afternoon session. All written feedback was either something to do with the sound or colour correction. The rest was opinion.

As I didn’t have a completely finished project, I am to blame also, I left the gap for people to point out the errors, however its the belief that it is the best that my myself could do in time for that crit.

The feedback gained in the afternoon was constructive and I have since had separate input and thoughts from other key members of the project.



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