How We Do


I haven’t been producing as many blog posts this project but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working as much as previous productions. On the contrary. Roughly 7,500 words over about 20 documents have kept myself and other team members on track.

All of these documents will be on my submission disk, but I will give a little run down on what they are and why they were useful. After the name is the word count and then description…


Final Critique – 76 – Made to inform people critiquing my work, including a script and general information about how I got to that edit.

Credits info – 139 – A document produced to give to Greg in graphics so he could get on with designing the credits etc.

Shot List – 2536 – An important document I put together with James listing shot after shot, exactly how we were going to tackle each scene. Missing scenes were done by James.

Filming schedule – 161 – Also a very important document that was heavily shared and edited.

Actors List – 273 – This took quite a while to put together, pity that so many people on this list were a massive waste of time; not due to acting efforts, more time wasting.

Crew List – 368 – Also took some time to get together, but a hugely constructive document that was essential to production.

Equipment List – 131 – Made so that we could work out exactly what we needed and when. This document kept Matt Burton happy.

$Monies$ – 38 – A half arsed effort from myself to try and keep track of costs, I kept some receipts but not all.

Character Sheet – 551 – This was made later on as a clear representation of the 4 main characters. A key part of the script making process.

Scene Details – 162 – Explaining technically what happens each i.e. length

Locations – 100 – Detailing locations in each scene, so we could work out what was happening & where.

Plot – 447 – This is what Sam and put together after forming the characters. It was a good way to get our story down and work with arch.

Initial Storyboard Plan – 185 – A document made For Hannah McCaan in Vis Com to give her a good view and idea of what I wanted from her.

Plot Thicker – 622 – Something started, but seemed to be not so important as getting on with the actual script.

Character List – 45 – So that Sam and Could work out who was doing what, what actors we needed.

Character sheet Original – 1631 – This was a very important document that the whole project started in. Ideas and concepts were conceived here.

Plus a few other specific documents such as questions to ask tutors and advice ‘to-do’s’ from tutors.


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