Clould Style

After my dissertation and last educational video on cloud computing stuff it only seemed right to keep going in that fashion.Right now, logically there doesn’t seem to be any other way.

For word documents, G docs is pretty seamless. Below is an image of how my drive looks, there is more HE stuff, but I couldn’t fit t all in to one screen shot.

My Drive - Google Drive

All the above documents were finished to a good standard, where I was happy enough to go into production anyway. I didn’t want to wing any of it. There was a plan for each shoot. Everybody should have had some knowledge of what to do and when with all the information made above.

Being able to share certain documents with certain people was highly constructive. Depending on what crew member or actor was doing they would added to certain documents. For example, the actors and crew list was available to myself and Sam Hudson, as it contained quite sensitiveness information like telephone numbers and other personal information like age, that people may not want broadcast over the web.

An issue I did find out quite late into pre-production is that not everyone I was adding to the documents could actually open them. No one told me about it for a good couple of weeks, which I found frustrating, but all part of the process. I’ll learn not to do it next time, make sure everyone has  Why doesn’t everyone have a Google account? Hate to say it but it does improve your life.


This time round using Celtx instead of Adobe story was an interesting venture. The interface is more user friendly, generally sharper and easier to produce professional looking documents, how the free version of Celtx lacks cloud sharing capabilities. Adobe Story has it for free making it very simple to share and work on scripts simultaneously. This project making PDF’s of the script and then having to copy and past new dialogue in was a hassle that could have been avoided by using Story. Lesson learnt though.


I also set up a mega account, that give’s you 50gb online storage for free. I shared the login deets with all the crew and actors. In there was recommended viewing that people could download, later we used the space to share, swap, audio and video. James (cinematographer) could grab footage and tamper with it then replace it. He could also review footage getting rid of anything unusable. We could do this simultaneously which was advantageous.


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