Final Cut Pro X – FCP X – Shortcuts

Final Cut Pro X – FCP X – Shortcuts

Instead of using a new piece of editing software, it was decided amongst myself, James some of the other crew that we should use FCP X as we were mostly all compliant with it. Only a couple of people used Adobe Premiere, plus we thought it would be safer using FC as we knew it and only have a limited time in post production.

Ive now got pretty quick of FCP X and not ashamed to be using it at all. I could now confidently say that I am good at using it; and getting better. It is the aim to dig even further into this software as from what I have noticed there is plenty tools secretly hiding under rocks all over this underrated treasure chest. 

The web link above, also has lots of royalty free stuff with tonnes of tutorials and guides for all sorts of related software. Somewhere I should be hanging out.


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