For the first scene, and exterior halls shots, we wanted to use this halls at Royal Park. It would have been perfect as its off the road, local and not too big in comparison to other halls. However I asked for permission and was declined. For what reason I don’t know, but they said to not even try as they are going to send out security on the days I asked to film. What bast*rds. I plan to call and find out why not. **UPDATE** check below..

No filmy bill.clay hotmail.co.uk

From the gist of this email it seemed like they really didn’t want us there. I asked why?…

no filmy 2 bill.clay hotmail.co.uk

Great, thanks pal. I sent him another emailing asking about the specifics, to which he didn’t reply. I think that he may have thought that we were trying to get away with filming the halls interior too. What ever the reasoning was, Im not a fan.

Next time Ill give them details that are only necessary to that particular location. Giving them the whole script is probably a bit too mind blowing and leads to opinion that can come back and bite.


The above photo is just outside the halls pictured above. This is where the boys will sit (infront of the posters), and where the bags gett nicked etc. I plan to park my car and Marks car where those cars currently are so we have the space to film on Sunday afternoon.




I have permission from the owners to use this empty house above. It is perfect for the house viewing, plus very local.

Below are images taken at the Plaza, halls on the outskirts of town. Its reasonable for interior halls shots but the comunal areas, like most, are really small. Theres some more pictures in there for the student v

IMG_6158 IMG_6150 IMG_6142 IMG_6146 IMG_6147 IMG_6149

Because Jazz’z halls were a tad too small she suggested that we try out her ex-boyfriends place, the Joseph Stone’s halls next to the BBC building.


The outside was not applicable for the external halls shots but it seemed the interior was probably one of the biggest I was going to find. Pictures of the interior were taken but seem to have been lost in-between the task of emptying cards after filming. James and I felt that it would probably the biggest, therefore the best to shoot. The main area we plan to film in looks exactly the same as the kitchen above…only a bit bigger.

After being let don by the Royal Park manager, James and I went looking for a few other places. It was our prerogative to find  somewhere we weren’t going to attract any attention, preferably somewhere we didn’t need any permission.

IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1198

The 3 pictures above show a couple of promising possibilities but we thought that, as they weren’t directly student accommodation we could would most likely come up against some sort of bureaucracy, or un-friendly people/trolls. After James and I found the above we drove a little further up towards the back of the stadium. There was  dirt road and I thought we should have a butchers…



At the end of the dirt track was this beauty. Out the way, the right size, parking, good street lighting; no one would care that we were there (*update* it was perfect).

IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1185

Above is the final scene location, Samantha’s house, which is actually Sonia. the script supervisors drum. The out side is also suitable for the final chase.

Below is the Housing office that we are using for the housing office scene. Very close to my house and they are my actual landlords, which was an advantage in getting the empty house for the house viewing scene.


After un-successful applications for filming permissions it was agreed that we should go “Guerilla”.


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