Part 1 (2min30sec):

  • Scene 1 Halls Ext.: Tom is dropped off at halls by his mum, says good bye.
  • Scene 2 Toms Room: Tom is finishing unpacking when Alister comes in and introduces himself, Alister exits when he suspects uni rules being broken. (smoking)

  • Scene 3 Flat party: Tom approaches party and enters to see a crowded room. He spots Alister and is antagonised by him. Sees Jules and Hugo lighting up and goes to speak with them. Hugo puts MDMA in a bottle of juice.  Alister kicks off at the smoking indoors so they go outside smoke and converse. Back at the party someone adds the juice to the punch. The three head back and when they open the door, everyone has come up and the party is a mess.

Part 2 (2min30sec):

  • Scene 4 Housing office: The three of them are sat in front of housing officer being disciplined. Alister is in the corner on a come down. They get accused of prolific drug use etc. (with evidence). They are thrown out.
  • Scene 5 Streets: The boys are sat on the street with their belongings, a car comes past and throws something at them. They go off to get cleaned up. Hugo is left with the bags and ends up being robbed when 2 kids cleverly trick him. Tom and Jules return to discover the stolen bags.

Part 3 (2min30sec):

  • Scene 6 Chicken shop: Boys are discussing their options while eating some food. They use the internet at the back of the shop to book a few house viewings and then are quickly thrown for disruptive behaviour.
  • Scene 7 Estate agents: Tom speaks to the estate agent who tells him he can show him around just one house.

  • Scene 8 House Viewing 1: The boys are shown around the first house and it is a fucking shit hole in a rough area.

  • Scene 9 House Viewing 2: They arrive at the second house. The man who shows them in is a complete freak and it gets to the point where they have to bolt.

Part 4 (2min30sec):

  • Scene 10 Streets: The boys are getting desperate, it is late and their luck is running out. Hugo finds a number of a tenancy ad in his pocket. They go and check the place out.
  • Scene 11 Samantha House: They arrive at Sam’s house and she takes them in and looks after them. They get settled into the house when Hugo spots the kids who nicked their laptops out of the window. They rush out of the house to go and chase them down



Put all the characters into boxes, stylize, cliches innit

This plot is meant to span 10 minutes, and so far it seems like its going to go over. It takes me over ten minutes to explain the story so it is.

Again this was G Doc I have just copied and pasted into the blog. I am very happpy with it. To me it seems like a ‘real’ story, something you would usually see on television. The only problem is that this fits a 22 minute episode not 10.


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