Original Ideas

All notes in italics like this are blog notes and not part of the original document. Everything not in italics is the Google Document I used to envision the project.

All of the below is the original concepts of what Higher Education should be. What its like, what it relates to

Peep Show sets parameters for darkness and comedy. Something terrible happening then something hilarious happening – RESEARCH

Party hard, endless practical jokes. How students should be.

Loser slackers. Hoping life isn’t going to like this forever.

The above was an  ideology taken from workaholics,and adapted, it rang home well.

Whenever the good times are shown in regards to drugs, there must be the down times also, equally.

I think that this has to be in place, I, in no way want to be seen glamorizing drugs. There are always downs to the ups.

PLOT 16 minutes 2 x 8 minutes?

Should it 10 mins total? 2 x 5 mins?

Originally thought out to be two short webisodes, it seemed better to shorten to 2 x 5 mins, and now as it currently sits one 10 minute episode , with the likely chance of it being shortened even further in the near future.

1.Get into halls – get chucked out of halls

2.Desperately try and find somewhere to live. Someone gets something nicked, like a bag.

3.Find somewhere – but ends up in failure

4.Find somewhere out of chance or coincidence. How do you find a house by chance??????

After doing some research into story arch structuring, more re-affirming with pictures and graphs what I’d seen, heard and read for my entire life; I managed to come up with story above, which Sam (AD) was happy to work with.

The Protagonist…


As far as he was concerned he was a nice guy. Did the occasional stupid/bad thing (to fill the void of mundane everyday) but kept up the pretenses of being a good person to everyone around him, family, friends.

He had a sheltered upbringing, in the stix. Kind of umbrella-d by my mother. The only man in the house after his father left. Has a younger and older sister.

He did well in school, just got on with everything. A bit of a talented inbetweener. Plays piano and other instrument, more classical. Never been in a ‘band’. Has a soft spot for old school hip-hop. Can be funny at times.

Started getting really bored of life at home by 17. Started acting out a bit. Girlfriend was getting worried about him. Smoked weed(!) a couple of times. She thought he was going of the rails a bit.

He’d been with his girlfriend since they were 15, and still hadn’t slept together. She was waiting for the right moment (or could be christian(marriage)).  He may have got a hand shandy once; but she fell asleep halfway through as she was pissed after after some sort of really tame meeting (church or young entrepreneurs meeting). Never happened again. She felt bad about it.

She ‘cheated’ on him once @ 17  (snogged a guy at the pub). He’s very scared of losing her but she knows that and uses it against him. Basically shes a real pain in the ass.

He’s down to earth but not particularly clued up or streetwise, but willing to learn.

Quite sporty – hockey – cricket – (other lads nick equipment and play with on the rd, fucking it all up.)

So bored of country life, he moves to Leeds for university. He’s now 20 years old and looking for fun.

Computer user, but massive gamer

What course does he do? – geology – research this….


HUGO (a younger barry from Eastenders?)

Hugo and Jules like fantastic mr fox and the possum Kylie (with spinny eyes)

Parents won the lottery 10 years ago, not tonnes, but a few mill. Really un-stylish new money, fake tan etc. Instead of moving to a nice area they just bought the biggest house on the estate. Hugo kinda gets what he wants from them but doesn’t take the piss. Can see him wearing polo shirts always.

A really nice posh guy. well spoken. But likes to go against his upbringing, Quite a big weedsmoker ‘trustafarian’. Like the protagonist, up for a good time, and trying new things. Also quite sheltered by his rich parents and over top boarding school. Even though he doesn’t know any better, you still like him, hes learning. Every now and then makes out this world comment about his youth and growing up. Parents divorced. Hates his dad. quite slow at picking up on conversation, always gets it muddled and needs it repeating. Never really listens. In his own world. Gets a girl every now and then but no romeo. Doesn’t particularly care what people think of him, quite chauvinistic, without even knowing it. Says only very slight racist things every now then, just borderline stuff nothing offensive to the normal person. No real moral compass. Never tidies up, has to be asked to do everything. Just oblivious to it. Has moments of clarity.

His ideology can be harsh but true, rambled.

He doesn’t want to be anything like his parents. His dads a real dick and his mums a bit slow, a bit dappy but gives him money when he needs it. Dad thinks hes slow like mother.

Bit of  a lost cause, trying to find a calling in life.

Loves computer games and wasting time. Happy in his own world, needs his own space.

Got a good comfort zone… the house.

Yorkshire footwork scene?????




Tom arrives at halls of residence. Dropped off by his parents, says his goodbyes and instantly clocks a girl in his flat. Later after unpacking, hears a knock at the door and its the girl from earlier. They make small chat and she lets him know of a party in the flat above that evening. As soon as the door closes, its knocks again. He thinks its her, he says come in and instantly Hector slightly repulses Tom. Barges his way in and sits down on the bed in front of Tom. Introduces himself as a general busybody (Flat, b-block rep???), also fellow geologist, find out loads of info about Tom off the representatives computer system. Ends up gnawing his ear off for ages, but suddenly stands up out his chair. Hector shouts “is that tobacco I can smell?” and jolts out the door screaming at the top of his voice.


Tom is left by himself with a can of bear in his new bedsit. Hes happy, for a second, then you see his phone starts buzzing, you see its his mum. He shakes his head, goes to pick it up and the shot fades out.


Then cuts to a night time outside shot of halls, mild background dance music thud. People laughing etc.


Goes to shot of Tom walking up stairs and opening flat door. As soon as it opens the music gets louder and clearer. He walks past a few people in the hall before getting apprehended by Hector. Hector lays into him straight away, talking about geology etc. Tom is alright with this at first; he doesn’t know anyone, but soon gets bored. Whilst looking round he clocks the girl he saw earlier. She waves, he follows suit and wanders over. They chat with smiles, general stuff, courses, hometowns etc. She suddenly gets distracted when her BF calls. She doesn’t seem very happy about it, and excuses herself. At this point Tom is by himself, surrounded by people he doesn’t know, bar Hector who he doesn’t really want to talk to.


Somehow his attention is brought to the two lads in the corner(Jules & Hugo). Maybe their skinning up and ask Tom for a light. Tom notices their skinning up straight away. He ignore Hector and just walks away from him mid sentence. Goes over the room to them. Starts talking He looks at the rolling and Jules asks,


“Do you smoke?”


TOM -“Yeah a bit. Its hard to get round my ways. Never really put any effort into it”


JULES – “Oh yeah? the opposite round here pal. The locals hand business cards out the car window as they drive past.”


HUGO  – “If they think you take drugs and that”


TOM – “Really? What for weed?”


JULES – “Everything. Int that right Hugo?”


HUGO – “Yeah. EVERYTHING”. His eyes broaden as he says ‘everything’ and then quite quickly goes to light his spliff.


As soon as any smoke appears hector comes storming into shot.


HECTOR -“You can’t do that in here! No smoking allowed (goes into some technical law talk)”


“But this isn’t tobacco” says Jules


“well what is it then?” inquisitively asks Hector

All three meet at a party in halls, all drawn together by weed. They do know each other, but all get along by the common love for cannabis, and later other drugs. They chat quickly and discover other common interests, gaming, women, music etc. Whilst chatting they decided to pull off a prank to ruin the rubbish halls party. Kind of against everyone in halls, the sheeple.

They all get chucked out of halls. kicked out. This could be a party or prank gone horrendously wrong. Has to happen in the first minute. Think panty raid.




They are the all out on the street with all their stuff. Too much for the bus or just to carry around.


Constant opposing force against them for a day. Someone stays with the bags – but when they get back their gone. Whilst waiting with the bags a local (chav) driver past (music blaring) and throws a milkshake all down one of the boys.

They send hugo off to the shops with some of the last money for essentials and he comes back with the most useless stuff. No ones very happy.


They end up with it in Popinas, discussing their future. What to do, where to go. Scouring the internet, thinking of prospective mates to stay with. Gumtree & phone books


They go stay with a weird mate, All three in the living room, sofa and floor. Something bad happens in the night. perhaps gay couple making loud noises.




The next day they find somewhere better with a girl who has two rooms free, 2 boys have to share. Its doable, but not amazing


OR find a new place. Bit of a dive and the landlord is mental. (BUT HOW DO I GO ABOUT FINDING AN EMPTY PLACE?)



Bin kids in the neighbourhood knocking down stuff making noise, always harass the boys after school.


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