Initial Storyboards

Plan of action – The list below was made by myself so that Hannah had something to work from when making the initial storyboards

Scene 1. Exterior shot of halls, with car & mother maybe bags. See Royal Park Halls (1)

Scene 2. Unpacking, half done, Tom sat down, Subdued by Alister. (1)

Scene 3. Before and after of party (2)

Scene 4. Three of them getting bollocked by halls manager on office. Maybe with Alister in as well. (1)

Scene 5. Three of them sat on the rd. With bags piled up. Hugo smoking, Jules, arms in the air, and Tom pissed off. (1)

Scene 6. interior of chicken shop. angry chicken man, Jules looking at porn on computer at back, hugo with bacon. (1)

Scene 7. –

Scene 8. House 1. broken down, rotten, generally awful. Could get estate agent in here?

possibly just an exterior of a run down house with estate agent guiding them in. (1)

Scene 9. House 2. Fine normal ‘boys’ house, but with weirdo/s. Possibly a shrine to some obscure star in the corner (1)

Scene 10. simple picture of them quivering in the park in the rain. Hugos illuminated phone. (1)

Scene 11. Cosy in Samanthas house. (1)

Here’s what Hannah came up with …



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