Finding the rest of the crew

Group email to fashion   wc69544 students.leeds   Leeds College of Art Mail

Above is the message I have sent out to everyone on Fashion and below a poster I printed  (with my email on, but without the word been 😦 ) to get the attention of a particular girl i have only heard rumours about. Hopefully someone piece the puzzle together and get back to me.

Untitled document   Google Drive

I am still without a Storyboard Artist. i think ill put and add up on our DFGA forums and maybe group email to Vis-Com if need be.



No one has yet got back to me from fashion about being a stylist, har or make-up which is a shame. saying this I have about three girls on the production crew and I think every single one has told me that they want to do it, so I recon between them we have it covered.

THE ART DIRECTOR IS … Lydia Fothergill. I have met her today and I gather she does want a role but is busy herself. We are going to re-convine soon and try and work something out. She would like the role of Set Dresser.



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