Art Director & Story Boarder & Make up???

art-director dick

After my tutorial today with Anna Beth it has become apparent that an Art Director is needed. Anna suggested a girl in the 2nd year of Vis Com. However her name could not be remembered. To find her I can either email the Vis Com year group or I can try and find who she is from their course leader David Collins, who knows me from working on the Agua es Vida project.

I have been recommended by a !st year DFGA student, Jaime, who worked on my Cloud computing project, that a girl called Beaty Szwagierczak in his year is a pretty awesome at storyboarding. She’ll be getting an email after this post.

Beautiful Make Up

I also need someone for Hair/makeup/stylist role. For this Im going to send out emails to the fashion lot. Maybe it could be a good idea to get in touch with the lead tutor to se if they know of anyone in particular thats suited to the role. That way I know Im getting someone that hopefully wont let me down, plus when approaching someone for a role; I have found that it is advantageous in regards to getting them involved as they feel good about themselves when they know that they have been suggested or hand picked. In a way  motivational practice.

It has come to my attention that I should be maybe reaching out 1st and 2nd year students. From my own day to day life, it has been realised that when production is taking place for this project all 3rd years will be uber busy. There are plenty of worthy 1st and 2nd years who wont be as busy and willing to help on an FMP project.


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