The New Team




So far I have managed to get quite a team together…

Sam Hudson, an MA student at Leeds Uni doing MA Writing for Performance and Publication. I found this guy by putting out a group email to all the students on the course. So far I have met him a couple of times, and he really seems to know what hes on about. He will be jointly writing the script with me, may have a part in production, and will be assistant director.

Danny ‘Denzel’ Cooper, from our class. He will be in charge of sound, I will be assistant to him. He will most likely do all recording and some editing jointly with me. Danny will also be in charge of any animation, but this will be small, most likely just credits.

Tom Minton, who currently works at the BBC, will be great addition to the sound department.

Greg Hardy, like Danny Cooper, Greg is a member of Klunk who will be in charge of any graphic design.

Jaime McLoughlin, a current 1st year student on the course. He helped me on my last project and did a good job as a runner. His help would be very useful this time round also.

Sonia Darrington, with a masters in sociology, her linguistic skills have helped me on many projects before and will help on many in the future. Perfect for proof reading and script additions, plus having a ladies touch on a male dominated project is always a bonus.

James Pilgrim, a 3rd year photography student could also be our Cinematographer. This is yet to be confirmed though.

Kai, A mate of mine who is at the Met. Hopefully he will be in charge of Lighting.

there is also a group of people in the 2nd year of DFGA who Im waiting to hear back from. One who has confirmed a place on the team is Phil Jones.


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