Help with story and Characters



Sam, my script writing pal gave me some pointers last night after I showed him what I had so far….

We need to know the characters, we cant backtrack, other wise script gets muddled, dialogue has to be the very last thing.

Keep cast to a minimum.

Every character, has a slightly conflicting characteristic. They cant be predictable. Two characteristics in one person.

Every story has an incident, the incident should happen early on in the episode.

Every character should have something to loose. Something they want and something to loose.

Series of obstacles for each character, each have get knocked back, then bounce back again.

A large build up to the ultimatum or last scenario.

Best endings are always open ended.

Each character should be a changed state to what they started in.

What would each character buy of they had 20 items in a supermarket?

Start with protagonist.

Dont give the character choices.




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