Rationale for Project Proposal

I am a filmmaker. Currently in a broad sense as I have been been producing completely. Cameraman, sound recording, directing, editor, cinematographer etc. The whole shebang. It has become apparent that for me to produce successfully one needs to step back from pursuing all forms of filmmaking as there’s simply too much for one person to accomplish.

In this project I will be focusing on directing. I will be in charge of production but will delegate roles to more suited personnel. I will be looking to find a complete team to work with on the task in hand.

I will produce a short a film. It will be a situational comedy. Total run time will be between 15-20 minutes; but maybe split into two shorter shorts, episodes if you will. I will direct. This may only be one role but within it theres still plenty for one man to be getting on with. I will write the script, with supervision, edit and I will find the actors, I will have to make a good relationship with them; and hugely important I will find a solid team. I will be looking for a sound-man, most likely Danny Cooper, I would like a director of photography, a cameraman and someone for costume/makeup/consistency. Overall I see about 15 people working on this endeavour.

Comedy is a hard one to crack, especially as this will be my first fictional works; but I have the intention of getting it right, I’m pretty sure I can do it.

In terms of this project relating to my dissertation, there won’t be much between them. I will go out my way to use cloud services in production but there won’t be huge correlation. Instead, and this is something I need to go over with one of the tutors, I will be looking at further developing myself by trying to get on to a masters. This project would be my lead into getting a place, therefore, it must be professional and have breadth, worthy of being pre-masters material.


This is what I have so far. I remember not having a copy of this after submitting it for my last project. About half way through the project I had pretty much forgotten what I had written, so, to be safe I putting a copy here.

I need to find a relevant range of books, magazine, journals and web based sources that I anticipate using. Using the Harvard referencing system. Ive got a couple but I should ask about some more.


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