The British Society of Cinematographers



The British Society of Cinematographers is a professional Society formed in 1949;  its prime objective being to promote and encourage the highest standards in the art and craft of cinematography.     Its membership is by invitation only and comprises talented and experienced Cinematographers, many of whom have received Academy Awards (Oscars & Baftas) and other accolades for their work.   It also encompasses experienced Camera Operators among its Associate Membership and distinguished friends and patrons from the film and television industry.

Membership is invitation only, but they do offer club member ship @ £120 a year and you get…

Benefits of being part of the BSC club include: Networking socials with BSC cinematographers and other Club Members in London. Free entrance to a series of exclusive events, from ‘in conversation’ screenings of classic and modern films plus state of the art technical discussions. Discounted subscription to the British Cinematographer magazine. Please note: BSC Club Membership is open to all in the industry and carries an annual donation of £100.00 in return for which members are invited to BSC screenings and many of the Society’s social events. BSC Club Members have no voting rights nor can they use the initials ‘BSC’ after their name.

They also provide training …   and have a publication which should be a good read.

Relevant to myself as one could do with some cine training, also it would be of importance to network with some of the best cinematographers in the country. Any advice issued would be of great help.



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