2nd edit


This is the 2nd edit that was put together today.

It includes the footage from the 2nd shoot with improved audio. There is un-usable footage in there from 2 minutes 17 secs. I have been out today to shoot it for the third time. The new footage is usable and will be in the final edit.

Currently the animation is 3/4 done; and is all in the same After Effects file which is why there isn’t any in this edit.

From this edit to final edit I need to get rid of any audio from the camera, using only the Edirol clips. Some new narration needs adding. I need to get another screen cap of Metal Slug for the games section and put some simple credits in. I also need to stitch the HDR time-lapse together and stick it in if necessary, but it maybe the case that it is not needed, saying this it could go nicely on the end with the credits over the top.

Once all this is done I can put some extra sound/music there also.


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