Workprint Feedback


I’ve shown the workprint to Matt Burton so that I could some pointers towards re-filming tomorrow.

First up, I need to change depth of field, as it is currently too shallow. I need to close the iris to get a deeper depth of field. This can be seen from scene 3.

When voxing (narrator asking questions to public), the subject needs to swap sides for each shot, filling the oposite space. One person right, one person left. To do this I need Gavin to move left and right of the camera so that the subject is looking at him.this can be seen from scene 7.

Gavin doesn’t need to type, if so, casually. scene 14.2 onwards.

Never film windows. to much distraction, makes it look over exposed. 14.2 onwards. INSTEAD… Use window light as EDGE LIGHT (research this).

Head room is also tight, stick to rule of thirds, put grid on camera.

Scene 17. over exposed, cannot see detail of head. Close iris.

Scene 19. too much headroom, keep to rule of 3rds. NOT ACTUALLY HEAD, check eye line not head line.

Scene 21. screen capture. Have him infront of computer then zzom into monitor, that is, the screen cap.



keep shutter @ 50-100

The iso will produce noise after 1000, try and keep at 200. DIGITAL BRIGHTNESS = NOISE

Get more depth of field by closing the iris.






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