Fridays filming

On first impression, Fridays shoot went pretty well. We got most the footage we needed and looked pretty good. However…

The sound recorder only saved 4 files out of the entire day filming. The sound quality off the camera is too poor to use. So re-film Monday; but the weather is looking terrible and there might even be snow, see below…

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 12.23.32

If the weather is bad I will have to use inside locations.

Overall Im very worked up this has happened as I definitely dont need this right now. Monday could be spent doing better things But I dont have a choice now. So instead of being hung up on the negatives Im going to focus on why it will be a positive endeavour.

Gavin was having trouble with script. There were quite a few takes done, and not all of the ones I was planning to use were perfect. This was also down to the small amount of time he had with script before shooting. An extra coule of days with it now will ease filming on Monday.

Sound in some locations was poor. Even if the the sound recorder had worked, there was still background music or people talking etc.


I college for 9am, renew equipment, and get help with sound recorder.

Print new Klunk release forms

Try and film at same locations in town(depending on weather), bar Nation of shopkeepers (The manager and myself dont know each other but remembered I that she was also at LCA, she treated me like a complete idiot and was being very difficult for no reason).


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