Adobe Lightroom 4



Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photography software program developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to assist users in managing large quantities of digital images and doing post production work. Lightroom combines photo management and editing in one interface.[1]

It is not a file browser like Adobe Bridge, but rather an image management application database which helps in viewing, editing, and managing digital photos. Lightroom’s closest competitor is Apple‘s Aperture program which similarly provides photo management and non-destructive editing capabilities.

A great piece of software Im using in order to complete the HDR time lapse tutorial. This is another new best friend.

After the images came out the other end of Photomatix Pro they were incredibly dark, so bad I thought this test project was doomed; but with the help of Lightroom it was simple to get them bright again.

I went a tad mad with tinting and saturation simply because I could. Very happy with quick turn around.

The image below is 1st image taken after going through Photomatix Pro and Lightroom 4. Next its on to Adobe Premier Pro, of which I am a virgin.


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