Business in the cloud


After a bit of research this seems to be a good reference to why businesses should get up into the clouds.

Perfect for Public and Private Clouds

Three types of application workloads are ideal in a public or private cloud environment:

  • Unpredictable growth: Applications that have unknown growth prospects, such as social games, new SaaS applications, and marketing campaigns, are perfect for the on-demand nature of cloud infrastructure.
  • Cyclical: Applications with regular traffic fluctuations, such as daily financial market activity or seasonal e-commerce, benefit from auto-scaling to keep utilization high.
  • Easily parallelized: Applications such as media encoding, batch processing, and big data analytics that can be scaled horizontally to more servers rather than vertically to large servers


Better Off In a Private Cloud

While public clouds offer many advantages, several characteristics indicate that an application should be kept in a private cloud or a data center where you can control the hardware.

  • High disk I/O and low latency: Some proprietary databases and applications require very high I/O and consistent throughput, particularly for replication and clustering. Most public clouds cannot guarantee this level of consistent low latency and performance.
  • Legacy equipment: Applications that require specific proprietary or legacy equipment are not likely worth moving to a cloud environment.


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