Animating exactly what cloud computing is


I have accumulated a lot of explanations I’ve found into one I think is easy to understand and hopefully animate in an orderly fashion that anyone can understand.

Cloud computing is…

Tools (such as word processing, photo editing and gaming)we use and data we produce (Facebook entries, emails, twitter feeds)  are accessible on the internet, meaning they are available to us wherever we are as long as we have a connection to the web. In comparison to traditional desktop computing where applications and data we use and create are mostly stored and kept on a single lone machine at home.

My next step is to have the above checked by a someone in the know. To make sure that it is correct and if it can be built upon.

If it is fine, which Im pretty sure it is, I then need to create a mood board of network diagrams to give to my graphic designer Greg to create a wide variety of icons to then animate. Icons include :-

Desktop computer

Laptop computer

Mobile phone


Cloud (in various forms)

Console – could consist of – controller, console, iconic gaming symbol i.e. space invader


Set top box

Servers – towers

Wires – data cables – arrows – rain (from cloud)



Data itself – numbers – folder –

musical note


File extensions .exe  – .dmg – .avi – .mkv – .doc – .pdf (look into most used file extensions)

Word processed documents

Company logos to represent uploading/feeds/comments – Twitter/Facebook etc.

Disk (cd-rom)




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