Technical difficulties


Before I finished off previously, I had issues with my robots spine been locked in place. I had different animations, but were lacking as the shoulders obviously stayed in the same place. Once corrected, I had to inverse some planes in maya and Bob’s you’re uncle he was in. Within Unity, I then added some lighting effects to his monitor and positioned him well  in the set.

I was having more problems with the set. The general layout was fine but I had real issue’s texturing and exporting it into Unity from Maya. After finding some great simple textures online, it was a breeze getting them on in maya and through to Unity. the issues I had with exporting the level was to do with home computer, it was easily done in college.

Once I had my builds from Maya into Unity (original technical difficulties) things went smoothly. I think that my overall main issues were trying to get this work done at home.

Within Unity, I was able to texture, paint, add lighting (which set a real mood) and sounds that were set off in accordance to proximity. With all these factors added the level came together quite nicely. The level is now acceptable, which leads me to think that it is a bit of shame I didn’t have the expertise earlier to do more.


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