Graphics done

My graphics crack team headed by Greg Hardy ( were working late last night in the blazing heat. We came up with what you see below. These images are all ready now to be handed over to Danny ‘Denzel’ Cooper for animating. In fact he should be arriving at mine to get on with them in the next hour or so. I will obviously be animating in after effects also. Hopefully Have them all done by the end of the day.

Lana has also asked if we can have water bottle that looses water as the Water Challenge goes through the day. This will be a slightly different approach as it involves rendering out a layer on top of our live footage, in comparison to what you see below which will be stand alone animations; but I’m sure we can sort summit out.




We were having a bit of trouble coming up with a design for a rich & poor person…but Danny came up with the two designs below that we will use instead of the smiley faces above.





Below we have mock ups for the front cover, and general titles for the film. I prefer the blue to the white but maybe something good lies between them.




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