Talking head shoot

We filmed the talking head interview of Lana on Monday. It went fairly successfully, well enough to not have a re-shoot anyway. The footage I shot with the grain spinning is actual footage that will be used and the footage shot without the grain moving will be just used for audio only.

With Matt Burtons help we setup a simple soft light in the sound recording booth. This was chosen as there was alot of background noise in the photography studios from things like AC units and the workshops next door.

The actual shoot went well but took longer than expected, trying to get Lana’s narration perfect.

When we reviewed the footage it was apparent there was some sort of problem with the gain in the dark areas. The gain was off off on the camera and Mat has no explanation for it. To combat this I will crop, colour correct and have a general fiddle in After Effects.

I think that with all the tweaking and the quality of the footage given to me, I feel that the final resolution should be 720p; after all this is meant to be for the web.

You can also see by the video above that all the narration isn’t some times smooth. At 20 secs she slightly stutters, and I don’t know if theres any way of smoothing it out, without cutting…????


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