Recent Edits

Above is the first edit. Blow is the adjusted and tweaked 2nd edit.

In the seconfd edit I got rid of the second shot. it looked crap and there was no way I could polish it. Instead I swapped it for high definition shot, making it look smother and generally easier on the eye.

I also had a re-arrange of some of the introductory shots. I also played around with the sound, making a smother transition from the music to the interview section, which I also extended .

I then went on to cut down the water challenge to Lana’s specifications. This still needs a viable conclusion that isn’t ‘ I just love cats’-esq.

To do…

Theres still a few shots that need colour correcting, including the first high speed shot.

More music? and placing…

Need to edit out the popping sounds between cuts.

Put in the sub-titles…

…Choose a font to use throughout, probably a nice Helvetica.

GET ON WITH STATISTICAL ANIMATION! will be done this afternoon with Danny.

Mr Smith has also put me on to …. for some inspiration on the graphics front.

I have also had some feedback from A.B. who suggests…

I mix up the Peru footage with the water challenge, therefore spreading direction of the narrative, away from it being heavily about Lana. She alos suggested Gill Sans as a font to be used throughout.


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