Work schedule

Lana and I came up with this…


4 weeks Left:

Tues 1st May                   LJ – Finalise the facts that will be animated and send them to Bill


Wed 2nd May                   LJ – Confirm story need Dyslexic help with wording.

BC – Research into high-speed water droplets – PROPS

(Confirm Coral Storyboards)


Thurs 3rd May                 LJ – Film Bill The Water challenge. 3 – 2 litres bottle                                                                     BC to continue research – Storyboard with coral Rough (maybe Fri)


Friday 4th                      BC Test shots on high speed camera Water Drops LJ – Review Footage.


Saturday 5th                   BC Review test shots and review progress –

Discuss with Lana


Sunday –                        Rest

——————————————————2nd WEEK ———————————————————


Monday 7th                     Review water challenge footage, Confirm narrative/story. Rough Edit


Tues – 8th –                     Tuesday Possible reshoot of high speed footage:

review all footage – Put together to footage

Wed 9th–                         Start making first edit, Finalise narrative


Thurs 10th–                     Continue first edit extra shots?


Fri 11th–                         Any extra shots needed…….?


Saturday 12th –               Edit LJ BC –


Sunday 13th–                   Rest

Revaluate next two weeks timetable


Work print needs to be finalised by here for final Crit.


—————————————————–3rd WEEK————————————————————-


Monday 14th

Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th—————-Lana’s Final Crit      

Friday 18th  ——————Bills Final Crit

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th


Monday 21th

Tuesday 22th

Wednesday 23rd

Thursday 24th

Friday 25th

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th

Monday 28th

Tuesday 29th

Wednesday 30th ————-Bills Hand in

Thursday 31st —————-Lana hand in







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