‘Storyboard’ – Version one


Slow motion shot of water/People using water? /Bottled water/ hose/ rain?/etc


Introduction: Re-write though needed to leave last id say


  1. 1.     Globally there is enough fresh water for the needs of everyone, on earth. But many people around the world are exposed to a shortage of water.


  1. 2.     This can be a consequence of poor political processes, the physical lack of it and  the privatisation of water whereby people can only afford a small amount or none at all.


Living here in the UK we never really think about how much water we actually use.


Peru footage


  1. Here is an amazing group of women, and this is a story of how there life is dedicated to helping others less fortunate then them. Footage of Mecche


  1. They are really inspiring citizens and are working really hard to provide food for the poorest ­­­people in there community through running village soup kitchen. Footage of Soup kitchen


  1. But this situation is made difficult because they do not always have the access to the adequate resources like water, which they need to feed and cook for the poor. Footage of water


  1. The reason for this is because they are forced to live in an illegal settlement in the shantytown of Villa El Salvador in Peru. This community is renowned for its solidarity to one and other, and its organisation of the town that exists was with very little input from the government. Footage of V.E.S HAVE OTHER OPTION!


  1. Therefore there is a lack of support from the government, so they have no sufficient access to water due to the lack of infrastructure. Footage of desert and shantytown



  1. This area is a desert and means there in no natural source of water, so you can imagine what the importance of water is to the people here. Desert footage


Mecche the soup kitchen leader and the women here are required to buy there water privately through the means of a lorry company, at rates that are said to be much more then those with adequate plumbing in legal settlements, because of no support from the governemnt.  Footage of water truck



  1. Mecche is dependent and relies solely on this deliverance of water meaning when it does not turn up she gets no water.  Interview of MEcche when water didn’t turn up.


  1. Though despite this situation she does not let it slow her down in trying to help others less fortunate of all ages. Film of the children eating

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