Warp Film/Records

I remember buying records from the original sheffield shop when about 13/14/15 before it closed down. I had no idea of it stature. They have now moved onto film and Im still highly interested in what they have to offer. Heres what they have to say about themselves on the website….

Warp Films is an independent UK film production company. It is based in Sheffield & London, UK with a further office in Melbourne, Australia

Warp Films was established by Warp Records founding partners Rob Mitchell & Steve Beckett.

Warp Films was initially created with financial support from NESTA and had a remit to produce a number of short films.

After the unfortunate death of Rob Mitchell in 2001, Beckett decided to continue with Warp Films and enlisted the expertise of Sheffield friend Mark Herbert (who had just produced the critically acclaimed first series of Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights for Channel 4) to run the company.

The first film Chris Morris’ My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117 was shot in 2002.

It won the award for Best Short Film at the 2003 BAFTA’s and became the first short film DVD single in the UK market.

Through the star of My Wrongs, Paddy Considine, Herbert met director Shane Meadows and asked them to generate an idea for a film. Herbert raised the funding and the result was Warp Films debut feature, Dead Man’s Shoes, directed by Shane Meadows in 2004. (They asked permission from my Dad to film at Ryhber Castle, Matlock, the scene where they give the disabled kid acid).

Shot in 22 days on a tight budget, and produced from Warp Films’ Sheffield office (at that time a shed in Herbert’s garden). It earned a BAFTA nomination, was nominated for a record eight British Independent Film Awards, won the Hitchcock D’or at the Dinard Festival, and won the Southbank award for Best Film. It received strong critical acclaim and has been hailed by some as a landmark in British cinema.

In 2005 Warp Films produced Rubber Johnny, an experimental short film and 42-page book by director Chris Cunningham, featuring music by Warp Records artist Aphex Twin, it continues to shock and amaze audiences.

Warp Films biggest success to date came with Shane Meadows’ This Is England; the story of Shaun, a boy who is adopted by a local skinhead gang after his father is killed in the Falklands war. Since its release in early 2007 it has gained many awards including the Best Film at the British Independent Films Awards, the Special Jury Prize at the Rome Film Festival and Best British Film at the BAFTAs. At the same ceremony Warp Films received it’s third BAFTA as Paddy Considine’s directorial debut Dog Altogether won the Best short film award.

They have now gone onto make some of the best British films and programmes including some of my fave’s Kill List, Four Lions, Submarine and This is England. They also have links with some of my fave current music peeps, Africa Hi-tech, Hudson Mohawk  and Flying Lotus. These Guys are doing some of the best stuff out there and Will continue in that fashion.


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