Red Digital Cinema Camera Company

Everyones always banging on about the red scarlet. I know nothing of RED….

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company manufactures digital cinematography cameras and accessories. It was founded and financed in 1999 by Oakley founder Jim Jannard. The company currently produces three cameras: Red One, Epic and Scarlet.

On November 13, 2008 Red officially announced that the DSMC concept of an integrated Digital Still and Motion Camera system was to be the overarching philosophy of Red’s future product lines.

Red opted to design and build interchangeable camera components that are configurable to allow owners to replace various components as they are upgraded and improved, rather than having to replace the entire camera system.

These components come together around a central piece called a Brain, which houses a sensor and the necessary electronics to record, encode, decode, and otherwise control the recorded images. As with the other modules, the Brains can be upgraded independently of the rest of the camera, and can also be swapped, so that a single project could use multiple Brains as needed, while otherwise maintaining a preferred configuration of the DSMC.

Scarlet and Epic share the same modular design and are the two current lines of DSMC Brains.


From what I have seen these cameras and accessories are the best. With ‘brains’ starting at $10,000 going up to kits at $70,900 I dont think i’ll be owning one anytime soon. Like, something to aspire to.


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