The workings of Notch & Minecraft Mania

Yesterday I got some new garms, did some uni work, got a pretty girls number and downloaded Minecraft. IT WAS A GOOD DAY.

Since seeing many other class members on Minecraft I have thought highly of the indie game. I have also distanced myself from it, I didn’t want to get hooked, and I didn’t know much about it. Within my inner circle of gaming buddies my brother Henry was the first to download. I think he payed about £2 for it last year. Since he started playing it and giving me feedback I started to take real notice of it. The name is everywhere throughout media and I have been following more intimately since I heard about it coming to XBL. The plan was to hold off until it is released on console early next month, but due to a drought in new games my brother pressured myself, Mr Holroyd and another acquaintance into getting last night. Now I see what all the fuss is about.

Above is the full length documentary about Mojang. It incredibly interesting. The strange way of marketing seems to have really paid off. Putting something out as its being made, charging more money as it goes through its different builds. Below is the most higly rated comment on youtube with regards to the docu…

“If you can make a ton load of money with 6 people there is no need to expand. The more people in your company the more you have to worry about. Even if profits go up, so does stress, and risk. I can totally respect this. If I was in his position I would probably do the same thing, pointless greed gets a lot of people. My personal philosophy is, if you can’t afford it on a $100,000 / yr salary, then it is probably a useless luxury for no other reason than showing off.”

 The above 20 min documentary producers are also working on getting funding like Minecraft and are looking for donations to produce the feature length film at…
The target has been met already, but if  it hadn’t I would have been proud to donate.

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