Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocalypse


Key notes from…


We make plenty of games for Europe and the US, there are plenty of games made for Asia, Africa doesn’t have a lot of money, but Middle East has loads of money, why aren’t we making games for them?

Facebook games are massive because you can play them at work and no-one will know.

People are very happy to spend a dollar here and there (in regards to freemium)

Console providers are scared to death of micro transactions. “we want of 50 bucks!”. None of them want to open the freemium door.

Social pressure is the greatest (freemium & social networking)

In regards to advertising…print is dead, no one watches adverts on tv, and internet ad’s are a joke. Advertising execs are trying to grip games.

Advertising people are sneaky. From 1950 to current ad time percentage gone up from 13% to 36% in America (Im sure the UK is shortly behind)

The future is getting prettier.

The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley (READ this)

Virtual economies are powerful, we want to make more monies.

Customisation! we love it, becomes personalised.

Curious people have an insane advantage, they get any information they want when they want. People who aren’t curious will be left behind leaving this curiosity gap. WE SHOULD THEREFORE MAKE OUR CHILDREN CURIOUS, not just feed them facts and info. BUT we don’t know much about curiosity. Customised education is better than standardised education.

Viral’s are not always good. Bad ones are like virus’s. Farmville, in my case Smurf village. You play them, but you don’t like them. Companies are founded on spamming. GOOD VIRAL’S…funny, controversial, amazing/spectacular and very helpful & unique.

Transmedia. People want their fantasy worlds to feel real. They have many points of entry (tv, console, internet, phone etc).

Musicians getting 360 deals. Not just records, but managing magazines, video games, advertisements etc. ONE BIG DEAL. Data stored on disks leads to piracy, a transmedia world combats this.

Video games now are like what silent films were at the beginning of the 21st century. People didn’t take silent films seriously, cute, funny…niche nerds thought they were amazing, but community at large thought it wasn’t real entertainment. Technological breakthrough was that films could talk….Viseo games can talk, but when they can LISTEN…???? and react manfully to us. This will produce a new medium.

Mundanes vs. Imagineers .


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