Keying, masking and baiting

The whizz’s in the sfx department needed a hand for the final push, plus I thought it would be good to get some of my After Effects work into the final product.

First I keyed out the green screen as you can see above. I next then added a keylight and then added a white solid object so I could see that the screen was completely keyed out. I the played around with the screen matt and the screen gain to get rid of any noise in the background or around the edges (below).


If you look at the image above this one, with white background you will see that Dave’s foot is cut off on bottom of the screen. This has caused obvious problems with framing. To get around this we have zoomed further into the CG shot of the open doors so that his feet aren’t in the frame. I suggested that we could have also got around it by putting a mist or smoke on the floor but we all decided that we diddn’t have enough time to do it. None of us  had the Trapcode Particular plug-in installed otherwise it would have been definitely done.

After Dan changed the camera angle in Maya, we rendered out a better angled shot which he fits right into, creeping round the door frame. Below is the finished shot done by myself with some pointers from Danny Champion of the effects.


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