New to do list

Including today we have 5 days until hand in. Danny and I have just sat down and watched our vid for the millionth time and made notes of what needs doing….


Titles sequence – talk to Burton when Ive finished this post

Colour correct first shot

Animate in UFO – Dan is currently doing this so….

Add Beam – can be done by danny when dan has finished animating the ufo

Ship interior – being done by Dan as we speak. 3 walls just like a film set.

Opening doors – can be done by adding the first entrance room on to the set.

Dance effects need to be polished – find trippy animated background or make ourselves

Texture and render our robots and booth – plus any other interior object – GET MAKING MORE

Key out the converstaions – currently being done by Danny but will need help from myself

Find and do alien vocoder

Clean up and polish falling shots





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