The real world


I’ve been trying to work out how this project would be accomplished if we were being payed to do it outside of uni. We wouldn’t have any of the research to do, or storyboards etc. We would have everything planned, set out for us. We would start with the filming and then do the special fx. Filming and post production can be done in two weeks. I we were to do all the research and locations, script, etc.. then I would say four weeks.

Pricing it all together is another matter completely. I have looked up the price for studios and green screen in leeds from Bradley TV ( By the looks of the listing price from that link, a day in the studio with all the equipment would be about £550 for a weekday.

Our team of 3 would want at least £120 each a day. A five day week for a month would be £7,200, obviously half that for two weeks. In total for a months work I would probably charge £10,000. If we were doing just the filming and the post production over 2 weeks I would charge £6000. I think those prices are very low but fair as we have the artistic ability, equipment and software. Im probably selling our team a bit short; but for first project out of uni I think that would be a good price (obviously wouldn’t advertise it as our first project).

I need to look into other production studios and see how much they would charge.


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