Sound Recording

Danny was able to borrow his mates shit hot zoom handy sound recording device (below). Apparently its very expensive, and we were to take vey good care of it. We did. We went to few local areas and recoreded the general ambiance. We wanted to get a variety of levels and succeeded…The most successful/viable ones are below. I think we will either go with the 1st or the 3rd, maybe 2nd. The forth is too hectic for this edit, but maybe useful for future productions. If anyone else want to use these recording Im happy to hand them over.

Hyde park low ambiance. Low noise.

Dans back garden, with aircraft overhead. Medium noise.

Midland rd, great birds, owl and dog. Then goes into walking. Medium noise.

Outside One Stop, with traffic and girls talking. Heavy noise.


After looking over our rough cut again it became apparent that there is no need to add another song to the film. It was coming to the end of the timeline and all we needed to do was loop the last bar again once over for it to fit. Now Im going to cut the recordings we have made and put them in at the beginning of our edit for tomorrows crit.


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