Our only fully CG shot…I think

When dave first walks into the ship and looks around he sees 4 shots of alien antics. One of them is the Robot DJ behind his booth. I think this is the only shot that is made up of CG. We may composite a alien in later, but as it stands this is the only one. Perhaps there would be one of the UFO flying at high altitude. ???. This came up as we are now making the work-print edit and this is the only shot that we don’t have film for yet. For a quick fix and rough moodboard/template I put this image together.

In this shot the robot will be animated, dancing. There will animations of graphic equalisers on the front of the DJ booth. there will be trippy animations going on in background, similar to the photo (need to ask Anna B about this, Im sure she must know how to make them). The shot is only going to be very short so it shouldn’t take too long to produce well.


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