Credit list/Production roles



We were all wondering what our specific roles were. We generally know the main job titles are, but on this project there are so many divisions and subdivisions, one was starting to get a little confused. I found this on the BBC website Im pretty sure it lists all roles, if not, Im sure it will be sufficiently detailed for this project.

Since glancing over it things have become more clear. I have made the font bold and put names next to relevant roles. Above is an image of how things run on ITV.

Performers (Cast) (Dave Tynan, Bill, Dan, Danny, Fashion Girl)
Cast/ Performers (in order of appearance)
Commentary by / Commentator
Guest(s) / Panellist(s) / Participant(s)
Introduced by
Presented by / Presenter
Narrated by / Narrator
Reconstruction Cast (for drama documentaries – only if the drama recon is substantive and speaking)
Advice / Consultants Adviser(s)/ Programme Adviser(s) (Anna B, Mat)
Consultant(s)/ Programme or Series Consultant(s)
[subject] Adviser(s) / Consultant(s) [e.g.] Historical Adviser(s) / Medical Consultant(s)
Technical Adviser(s)
Combined credits Adapted and Directed by (Bill)
Devised and Produced by (Dan & danny)
Directed and Edited by
Narrated and Produced by
Produced and Directed by
Written and Directed by
Written and Narrated by
Written and Produced by
Please refer toCredit Guidelines, Choice of Credits)
Animation Animation (sequences) (IN MAYA dan & Bill)
[if significant in programme]
Camera Aerial Photography
Camera Operator (danny)
Camera Supervisor (Matt burton)
Clapper Loader
Director of Photography [for major productions] Film Camera (Danny)
Focus Puller
Location Camera(s)
Photography (Bill)
Steadicam Operator
Studio Camera(s)
Costume Costume Design / Designer (bill dan danny)

Costumes (robbie king)

Design Art Director (danny)
Assistant Art Director (only in major productions)
Design / Production Design(er) (dan)
Designed by / Designer
Production Buyer
Properties / Props Buyer
Properties / Property Master
Set Designers (Danny)
Design (Theatrical productions only) Stage Designer
Stage Director (bill)
Stage Lighting (Dan & danny)
Stage Production (bill)
Floor & Studio Management Assistant Floor Manager
Floor Manager(s) dan & bill)

Stage Manager

Graphics & Still Photography Graphic Design / Designer / Graphics (danny)
Opening Titles (bil dan)
Stills Photography or Stills Photographer [only if stills included in the programme]
Rostrum Camera
Lighting Best Boy
Lighting Director
Lighting Gaffer / Gaffer
Television lighting [when there is also a stage lighting credit]
Make-up Make-up (/ Hair)
Make-up Artist
Make-up Design
Outside Broadcasting Outside Broadcast / OB Cameras
Outside Broadcast / OB Lighting
Outside Broadcast / OB Sound
Post Production [Film & Video]
Assistant Film Editor (only in major productions)
Film Editor / Editing (bill danny)
On-line Editor / Editing
Off-line Editor / Editing
Picture Editor / Editing
Video Editor / Editing
Assistant Dubbing Editor
Dubbing Editor (bill)
Dubbing Mixer (danny)
Post Production Co-ordinator
Sound Boom Operator (dan)
Film Sound (bill)
Location Sound (danny)
Sound Effects (bill)
Sound Recordist (danny)
Sound Supervisor
Studio Sound (danny)
Television Sound [when an SB with radio]
Special effects Special Effects (danny)
Vision mixing and visual effects Video Effects (bill dan danny)
Vision Mixer
Visual Effects
Editorial and Production Editorial Assistant Editor (for major productions)
Deputy Editor
Edited by / Editor (bill danny)
Script Editor (Bill)
Script Supervisor (danny)
Series Editor
Story Editor (danny)
Television Presentation by
Production Assistant director ([including] 1st, 2nd, 3rd) [for major productions]
Assistant Producer
Associate Producer
Casting (Director) [for major productions] (bill)
Directed by / Director (bill)
Executive Producer (for BBC) (danny)
Location Manager
Outside Broadcast / OB Director
Produced by / Producer / Production (dan)
Production Accountant
Production Associate
Production Coordinator (bill)
Production Executive [For major productions at BBC’s discretion]
Production Manager (dan)
Production Secretary (danny)
Production Team (bill, dan danny)
Programme Associate
Series Producer
Studio Director
Unit Manager
Engineering Communications
Engineering Coordinator
Engineering Manager
Resources Coordination / Coordinator
Technical Coordinator
Transmission Manager
Video Supervisor
Facilities BBC Resources
Voting (system)
[Name of supplier or name of individual, not both]
Producers may only credit facilities, such as post-production houses, if this represents an outstanding creative contribution. Such credits may include the name(s) of the individuals(s) or the name of the organisation, but not both. Credits cannot be given in exchange or waived or a reduced fee, or for any other benefit or advantage. The supply of basic facilities, e.g. studios does not merit a credit.
Journalism Correspondent
Locations Filmed at/in [e.g. name of property, town] (my road, my college)
[If a producer judges that it would be of interest to the audience to know the name of a location used in a programme, and it is not apparent within the programme itself., it may be identified in end credits. Such references cannot be given in exchange for a waived or a reduced facility fee, or for any other benefit or advantage. Where a location is given, the name must appear in the same style as the rest of the credit sequence. Location owners’ names, logos or house colours cannot be used.]
Music and dance Choral Director / Direction
Chorus Master / Mistress
Conductor(s) / Conducted by
Incidental music (by) / (composed by)
Music Adviser
Music Arranged by / Music Arranger
Music by
Music Composed by / Music Composer
Music(al) Associate
Musical Director
Orchestrations (by)
Original Music (composed by)
Score Reader
Songs composed and performed by
Sung by
Title music [name]
Title music (composed) by
Title song performed by/ sung by
Music and lyrics
Vocal arrangements(s)
Sources of programme material Archives [followed by list of sources]
BBC Information and Archives
With thanks to
The BBC wishes to thank [for major productions]
Research Question Setter
Research / Researcher
[subject] Research / Researcher (s)
[e.g.] contestant research, celebrity research, film research, historical research, picture research
Specialisms Armourer
Stunt Arranger
Stunt Co-ordinator
Translation (by)
Websites Normally the website should be quoted as (where “sitename” is the relevant programme or category site e.g. however BBC THREE and CBBC programmes have special requirements

See Website Guidance for full information

With thanks to
Please refer toCredit Guidelines, With thanks to)
With thanks to
The BBC wishes to thank [for major productions]
Writers, creators, formats etc. Adapted by
Based on an original idea by
Based on the book by
Devised by / deviser
Dramatised by
Format devised by
From an idea by
Screenplay by
Series created by / series creator
Series devised by / series deviser
Written by / writer

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