2nd Studio Shoot

Yesterday we filmed our 2nd studio shoot. We had to do this to get the extra shots we couldn’t film when I had our actor in, due to limited time on that day. The shots we were getting were of individual alien antics. Over the weekend I had recruited some of the fashion girls as we needed some female curves in the suit to give off that impression. When it came to monday morning it was apparent that they weren’t going to be turning up. We ended up improvising lady curves with LCA high-vis vests. I think that it will work well as it is very funny, this is a comedy.

Setting the equipment up, getting the lighting to good standard, took half the time of our original shoot. Plus it was much better working in the big studio theatre. Something to take into consideration when filming again.

We also tried some different alteration to the blue suit…We added bumps, Mexican wrestling mask, my blue coat (v close colour), sunglasses etc…Hopefully they will work well once keyed out.

As soon as we finished packing everything up we took the film onto the computer. I then took it home and have been through all the footage and named it appropriately, getting rid of any useless material. It is all now ready for the next cut.


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