The track we decided to use is the above, Torqux – Bare night. The song samples a classical composition ‘A night on bare mountain’. We thought that it was very suitable for this project. It would make things fun and comedic. Before we could use it on this project we had to cut it up to make work for a limited time frame. First off we had to cut the original intro, only needed for Dj’s to mix in. The problem with first break is that it had a synth that went over the start of the classical sample. It would have sounded out of place when the sound cuts in on the film. To get around this we cut out the second breakdown instead and placed this at the beginning of our edit. This one has no extra sound over the start of ‘A night on bare mountain’ perfect for us.

Above is how we made our edit. The first track is the original. We cut song into its different sections and the re-aranged them on the second row down. You can see by colours of the sections where we have taken them from the first. The forth track down is the original classical score ‘A night on…’. The orange part is great section not used in the dubstep remix, that will fit nicely onto when Dave is falling from the ship. As it from the original classical song it will fit nicely in with rest of the edit.

I have borrowed an absolute tonne of sound fx’s libraries from my pal Tom who’s a sound engineer. I’ve had a quick browse and already found some absolute gems; really nice futuristic mech noises that would be great for the spaceship and other such robotic mechanical devices. IF ANYONE ELSE IN THE CLASS NEEDS SOME SUITABLE SCI-FI SOUNDS come see me.

Danny has been able to borrow his mates really nice dictaphone thats has all sorts of crazy stuff on it, like a zoom and what not. Were going to head out up to hyde park corner with it and Danny’s friend who’s going to give a tutorial, generally help us out a bit as both of have never used one before. We need these recordings for the intro and outro.


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