To do list


Get transfer software working, to convert the film into a tangible format. Then we can make a….

Rough cut. Work out which shots we will use so we can get a ruff idea of how we will position our layouts/interior in Maya. Work out what we need to add.

Draw mock ups for Maya….

…Start building in Maya

Tomorrow we will organise our 2nd green screen shoot. If its possible we may even do it that afternoon.

Cut the song we have chosen. Re-arrange. Edits for 1 minute and 3 minute cuts.

Key out all nessesary footage in After Effects.

Find suitible special effects for alien skin. Plenty of testing. possibly work out any problems with blue suit/Daves blue shirt and keying.

Find suitable sound effects (ship doors opening, craft hovering noise, beam noise, beam starter noise, ambient club sounds, falling through the air sound, impact splat) think about other possible areas that need covering.

Find a vocoder plugin for logic. Test alien voices.


GET WORKING COPY OF FINAL CUT ON MY MAC. Can I put both 7 and 10 on?

Go over everything we have done so far with Mat, Matt, and Anna Beth. Go over any future production plans with all available tutors. We need to get as much feedback as possible. We have seem to be clued up about what to do in order to complete the project, but there are still a lot of grey areas that need sorting. This must be done at the first available opportunity. I don’t want to be wasting time on things that aren’t relevant.






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