Brainstorm and Beyond


We’ve been sat brainstormin’ for a few hours now. The script is now complete for the whole film. We are now storyboarding the spaceship interior…and should be then ready to shoot.

We have booked out the photography studio from 9.30 till 1.30. We have have booked out all necessary equipment, camera, green screen, etc. It has come to our attention that we will need a table for the bar and for the actor to lie on for green screen shots. We should also find a female to sport the blue morph suit. We need a lady this to give off feministic curves, to be able to define alien sexes, otherwise they will all look alike. I think this will be hard…(10 minutes later)…My neighbour sonia has just agreed to do it! Excellent. We need a strong fan to blow Dave’s face to give the impression of falling. We only have Dave for one day, but shots of aliens can be re-filmed on later dates.

We have some extra ideas for when we shoot. Test shots for alien production. These sorts of things will include alterations to the suit e.g. wearing a mexican wrestling mask over the top, or other such items. Holding relevant objects, like drinking from a glass

Everything is now falling to place quite nicely.


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