Every step I take


Its been quite some time since I was last building in Mya and it took a bit time getting back into it. With a bit tuition from classmates I managed to get this floorplan up. In the original File I used the Illustrator floorplans as a back drop to measure my walls to scale. When I started work on my Mac at home, I realised the floorplan files had stayed on the college computer; this was no problem as by the time I was working on it at home I had completed the build from the floorplan.



This image is from when I started to work from home. I added more detail and a front door with open nook so the user could peer outside.



By this point I had made a couple of different speakers and a computer monitor, duplicated within reason. I had also cut out a window for a view into the recording booth. I put a layer in the middle of the wall so that  could produce a glass window later on when it comes to texturing.



I then added a computer and a mic stand.



I then went on to make a mixing desk.; and to make sure there was space on the desk for speakers I simply made a speaker stand.



I thought it would be a good idea to move the computer desk around, positioning items in different places to give a more realistic setup. I also added more detail to the misc industrial piece. This is now where I am currently up to. I think that I could add a couple more items and more detail to a few bits and bobs. I don’t want to go over the top as this may complicate matters when it comes to texturing tomorrow. I have very limited time left (40 hrs), but I know I can get this done. I am enjoying using Maya, and getting better at it by the hour.


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