Storyboard premium for ipad


When it come to drawing, im pretty crap. Storyboards have always been a problem for me as I can never make them aesthetically pleasing. As I took an Ipad out on loan from uni I thought that it would be good to get some sort of work done on it. Theres quite a few apps on there that I found useful but the main one that stood out, that was useful for the current project was this one, Storyboard premium.


It took a bit of time getting used to the controls, plus the app has some slight problems with intricate movements and detail, which can be frustrating at times. Saying this the rest of the app is pretty easy to control. The layering system is a piece of cake and theres plenty of options when positioning the pre-made characters and objects (see below).


Anyways, Im gonna keep on with it see what I can produce….


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