Essay plan and ideas

In my tutorial with Garry on Tuesday, I discussed titles for my essay. One was about how Hollywood is constantly recycling ideas and films, and generally churning out crap…and the other was about streaming as individual taste and the avoidance of the new things or things outside our taste, not seeing programs/films by chance as we are not just flicking through channels on our tv’s anymore.
We looked into….
paradox between individual taste and broad audiences.
The link between mass entertainment and dumbing down.
The convergence of mass communication technology has left us with a paradox. On the one hand large media corporations seek to maximise profits by creating products that appeal to the widest audience, whilst as individuals we are told that the internet and associated technologies will allow us to develop a niche culture that reflects our own individual tastes.
This situation reflects on the one hand old high and low cultural divides.(See lecture notes)
Key issue is Kitsch. On the other hand the concept of ‘individuality’ is a contended one. Taste is constructed, (Bourdieu’s book Taste explains how. Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste )
Follow the essay guide. Post up all the prep for this as blogs.
A number of authors have discussed how individual tastes is developed, the most important is however Bourdieu, who states that,

I now need to follow this up with…
Blogging: Essay. Follow the guidelines.
Looking into Google Scholar: E.g.Bourdieu states that, “No judgement of taste is innocent. In a word, we are all snobs.” (1987, p. 12) By this he is referring to the fact that taste is a matter of social climbing. We tend to develop a taste for the group we want to belong to.
For bibliography
Bourdieu, P. (1987) Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste Harvard University Press


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