Industrial Light and Magic

Founded by George Lucas in 1975, a division of Lucas Film, has set the standards for Visual Effects thus creating some of the most stunning images ever to seen on film. Originally founded to create the effects for Star Wars, the studio now has offices in San Francisco and Singapore, and has created effects for nearly 300 features and notably played a key role in 10 of the top 15 world wide box office hits of all time. plus contributing to half of the top 50.

With technical and creative innovations, ILM has helped drive the evolution of the visual effects. What started off with traditional blue screen photography, model making and matte painting, ILM pioneered the development on motion controlled cameras, optical compositing and other advances in digital effects technology. Since the 1980’s, ILM has developed breakthrough software techniques that include digital compositing, morphing, simulations and enveloping, plus such technologies as film input scanning, wire removal, motion control, IMOCAP, and the EXR file format.

Film makers like to work with ILM to produce scenery that has never been seen before. Pre-production departments that handle research and development, concept art, creature development, and fully articulated pre-visualisation work closely with directors to ensure that there vision is realised on screen. A typical project at ILM will be a mixture of concept design, computer graphic effects, models and miniatures, digital environments, and state of the art animation. The artists that staff these departments represent the true brain behind ILM. An international talent base is represented in an artistic and relaxed environment that mingles fine art degrees, with software engineers, traditional animators, and expert model makers and texture artists with phd’s. For 30 years, creativity has propelled new technologies into the movie moments that continue to thrill and transport audiences globally.

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