Next gen consoles this time next year?

Currently there are studios with ‘target boxes’ that are the intended spec for the next gen Xbox. Ubisoft Montreal and an EA studio are currently working on titles that should be with us by this time next year. One of Sony’s main studio has also been moved off ps3 and on to its predecessor. Who will win the race to get their console out first? Lets remember that when Microsoft rushed the release for xbox we were stumped with the RROD, costing a smooth $billion. lets not also forget Sony’s loss from releasing its console a year later, and at a higher price. Its rumoured that Microsoft could reveal its console at CES this January, and it has been disclosed that the Wii U will be revealed this June at E3, with a much higher, but not premier spec than its predecessor. Square Enix and UnReal (above) have both shown off their new work on next gen engines…we will see future holds….below are some images shown off by Square Enix Direct X 11 engine Luminous which is targeting photorealism.


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