Lovely bones

Here we have the bones positioned in my character. Next I have to bind the bones to the body. I think that I will have to go about this in a different way to the rest of the class as my robot animation will differ to the organic motion of a human. My robot’s joints will move mechanically as designed.

Since taking this screen shot of the bones in place, the save file has gone missing. Backed up in 2 locations on the uni servers, and then on Dans hdd also, I cannot find the elusive robotmk6 file. What a ball ache. Anyway…on to binding, then animating. I need to find some footage of robots walking to use as reference, but as robot movement is quite specific to the individual build, will a reference of another robot work for mine? I guess we I will just have to find out. Maybe just using a human walk cycle and adapting may work.


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