Into Maya

I was not really looking forward to this part, but Its actually going pretty well. I first separated the side and front views then imported them into Maya. putting them on different axis to model from. With a little bit of instruction Ive managed to get quite a bit done, and Maya is becoming slightly easier by the day.

I decided not mirror my model as it all isometric. I started doing singular parts then duplicating them for the other side, arms/legs etc; I realised that this was time consuming and I was better off doing one whole arm or leg then duplicating the whole thing. I have also changed the shoulder joint slightly. I changed a cude into a cylinder, I think that this will aid in making the animation smoother and more realistic.

I have got myself to a good point, but now I ned to work on the hands. Im not sure which route I should go down, individual fingers, or more of a combined clamp. I think that a clamp with a thumb may be more suitable.

I have also been thinking about he feet. I have said that I wasn’t going to go with rollerskate idea, due to the animation being to difficult, combing a very human movement with a robot, in my eyes would be too much of a pain to master; but what if the soles of the robots feet were mechanical tracks? I think this will be a nice touch, plus there would be some easy, but very effective animation techniques that could be applied; the robot could slope back and flick forward when stopping and starting….


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